Mixing Photoshop & Illustrator


Tutorial in English / Deutsch:

English Version:

Vectorize your pixel image or embed your Photo in Illustrator to avoid missing links!

Option 1: Vectorize your pixel image in Illustrator CS6.
In three simple steps:
1. Place a Photoshop document (jpg, tiff, psd) into Illustrator CS6.
2. Go to Menu > Window > Image Trace, choose your Preset, select under Advanced your Options and click on Trace.
3. When you are done, don’t forget to click on Expand.


Option 2: Embed your image!
In one easy step:
1. Select your image. Go to Window > Links > choose the side option > Embed Image(s).
This way your photo is part of your Illustrator document and won’t show as a missing link.

Tutorial in English with german subtitles for advanced users: How to vectorize and colorise a photo


Deutsche Version:

Vektorisieren Sie Ihr Pixel Bild oder betten Sie Ihr Foto…

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