Animate with Photoshop in 2016

The following illustration was created by Mimi Selmi Reed (webdesign: Adobe Muse) with pencils and water color – traced and executed in Illustrator & Photoshop – animated in Adobe Photoshop CC.
(Tutorial see below / Anleitung siehe unten)

Copyright by Miriam Selmi Reed - member SCBWI - all rights reserved.

Copyright by Miriam Selmi Reed – member SCBWI – all rights reserved.

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Animations with Photoshop / Animationen mit Photoshop:
Photoshop timeline for animations is under Window > Timeline. Have fun!
How to create frame animations in Photoshop

Die Photoshop-Zeitleiste für Animationen kann man unter Fenster > Zeitleiste finden. Viel Spass!
Erstellen von Frame-Animationen in Photoshop



4 thoughts on “Animate with Photoshop in 2016

  1. Dear Miriam, thanks so much for all your tips, tricks and solutions. Obviously, we never stop learning, and very, very often, when I’m reading through your solutions, many many light bulbs appear in my head-so awesome! very often you’ve made my work so much easier. Thank you for this and have a happy, healthy new year!! Anna

    • Hi Anna, glad to hear 🙂 For next year I will continue, since I did get a little bit of financial support from a few i-adobe-followers. I do this for free (Adobe does not pay me), especially to help my current students at my schools. Have a great new year! Best, Mimi

    • Liebe Miriam, ich wünsche auch dir ein glückliches neues Jahr (mit vielen freundlichen SchweizerInnen ;-)) und danke dir ganz herzlich für den spannenden Unterricht sowie die super Tipps. Ich freue mich auf weitere i-adobe-mails. Herzliche Grüsse Susanne (ex Desktop Publisher-Klasse Klubschule Zürich)

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