InDesign: Align your text to your baseline grid!

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TIP OF THE WEEK: Align your text to your baseline grid!

The Baseline Grid in Adobe InDesign is perfect to align your text!

Here are the 4 easy steps to align your text to the Baseline Grid and alter the grid in your InDesign > Preferences:

Step 1: Open a document in InDesign and choose your presets; under Margins select you border from the Top as you wish:


Step 2: Select the Type Tool, draw a text frame and fill it with Placeholder Text. Select your font type as well as your Leading. Go to View > Grids & Guides > Show Baseline Grid.


Step 3: Select your text with the type tool and go to Window > Type & Tables > Paragraph. There you select the function Align to Baseline Grid.
You’ll find the same option when you create a new Paragraph Style.


Step 4: Go to your InDesign Preferences and select Grids: the settings are the same as you’ve chosen previously. Under Start, you select the same Margins from the Top and under Increment Every the same Leading you’ve already chosen for your text. For PC the Preferences can be found under Edit > Preferences / Mac: InDesign > Preferences.


As soon as you click OK, your Baseline Grid will automatically adjust to your leading!


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i-Adobe interactive book / Cover illustration: Michael Alan Reed

i-Adobe interactive book / Cover illustration: Michael Alan Reed



7 thoughts on “InDesign: Align your text to your baseline grid!

  1. After I when through the steps to align my text to baseline, all the last lines of each paragraph have a huge space between them. Do have any idea on what I did wrong?

  2. The leading was pretty wide for my text after I tried these steps. I can’t seem to get adequate spacing as the changes are drastic. What do you suggest?

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