Social Media 2


Photoshop Tutorial: Clipping Mask and Adjustment Layers
Here is a cool trick on how to use a font as a clipping mask, which I’ve used on my illustration below. Click on the link for more info.


Photoshop Tipp: Schnittmaske und Einstellungsebene
Hier ist ein einfacher Trick wie ich eine Schrift als Schnittmaske benutze. Dieselbe Methode benutzte ich unten bei meiner Illustration.


Miriam Selmi Reed represented and licensed by Illustration Source

Courtesy of Illustration Source

View the artists’s homage on the topic: SOCIAL MEDIA

Miriam Selmi Reed is represented by Illustration Source, New York City. Portfolio and contact: Illustration Source NYC

Illustration technique: watercolor, acrylic and pencil combined with digital mixed media using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.Copyright by Illustration Source, New York City.

Illustrations-Technik: Aquarell, Acryl mit Farbstift, gemischt mit Adobe Photoshop und Illustrator. Copyright by Illustration Source, New York City.


Your source for commissioned illustration: ORIGINAL ART STUDIOS in New York City.


Portfolio Original Art Studios, New York City: MIRIAM SELMI REED


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