Featured Illustrator: Michael Alan Reed


Mike’s TIP OF THE WEEK: How to use a layer mask and make a background transparent in Photoshop – PHOTOSHOP LAYER MASK


Featured Illustrator Mike Reed has an amazing technique; a combination of manual and digital media – we love his style! Manual drawing with pencil enhanced with digital media.

Copyright by Michael Alan Reed - all rights reserved

Copyright by Michael Alan Reed – all rights reserved

Michael Alan Reed, a native of the American North West, has been successfully working as a graphic designer / illustrator and image composer for many years. His work has been shown, printed and licensed in fashion, sportswear, magazines, products, advertising and animation internationally.

COOL STUFF! check out his PORTFOLIO and BLOG at: Michael Alan Reed
Contact & website: REEDesign


Mike’s TIPP DER WOCHE: Wie man ein Foto in Photoshop mit einer Ebenenmaske freistellt und den Hintergrund transparent speichert – PHOTOSHOP EBENENMASKE



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