How to make a Comic / Wie man einen Comic zeichnet

Tutorial in English / Deutsch:

1. Scan your drawing and place it into Illustrator / Scannen Sie Ihre Zeichnung und platzieren Sie diese in Illustrator

2. Trace the outlines of your drawing / Zeichnen Sie mit einer Konturfarbe Ihrer Zeichung nach

3. Fill in the shapes with a fill color / Füllen Sie die Konturen mit Flächenfarben

Development of Z-Dog - Copyright by Miriam Selmi Reed / All rights reserved

Development of Z-Dog – Copyright by Miriam Selmi Reed – All rights reserved


the new Z-DOG COMIC is now online at:
Copyright by Miriam Selmi Reed / All rights reserved




NEW Published Graphic Novel
Soul Crime of new York
Copyright by Round Robin editrice, Rome, Italy / All rights reserved.


INFO: to get serious about drawing in Illustrator, we highly suggest the following tutorials / Um wirklich in Illustrator zeichnen zu können, empfehlen wir die folgenden Übungen:

Tutorial 1 in English for beginners: How to draw in Illustrator

Tutorial 1 in Deutsch für Anfänger: Wie man mit Illustrator zeichnet


Tutorial 2 in English for advanced users: How to draw your own comic figure

Tutorial 2 in Deutsch für Fortgeschrittene: Wie man eine Comicfigur zeichnet


Don’t forget: “Practice makes Perfect!” / Nicht vergessen: “Übung macht den Meister!”


How to draw in Illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator is primarily a vector based design tool to draw clean shapes and to create resizable Logos. Whereas Photoshop is raster based and therefore pixel dependent, Illustrator is using vector shapes made out of anchor points.

Therefore the Pen Tool in Illustrator is ideal to draw paths with anchor points:
With a simple mouse CLICK, you are setting corner anchor-points. If you are clicking AND dragging with the mouse at the same time, you’ll get round anchor-points with levers, with those are round corner points and curves possible.

The Pen Tool is ideal to draw closed shapes. It’s easy! Draw your shape while setting your points until you reach the first anchor-point again; select it to close the shape and choose a fill color.


Video Tutorial for beginners:

The Pencil Tool draws lines which you can combine with the Width Tool.
To open the options for the Pencil Tool: Double click the Pencil Tool icon in the tool sidebar. The same way you may open the Brush options if needed.

The Pencil Tool is ideal to draw lines. If you do need to close the open path into a shape;
you either have to select both end-points and go under Menu > Object > Path > Join or use the shortcut ctrl+J for PC / command+J for Mac.


Video Tutorial for beginners:

The Width Tool in Adobe Illustrator CS6 is ideal to give your line a Brush stroke character: select the line and drag with the mouse until the line becomes wider.


The Pen Tool and Pencil Tool are both ideal to draw clean shapes and lines. The Width Tool can help to simulate a brush line. Although to achieve structures and water color effects; the Brush Tool would be a better choice!

The Brush Tool and its options are easily to find under Menu > Window > Brushes.
On the bottom of the Brush-Option, you may find the icon for the Adobe Brush Library with all kinds of artistic brushes.


How to create your own Brushes or alter existing Brushes in the Adobe Library, will be shown in a future tutorial.
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Additional tutorials for advanced users:
Drawing in Illustrator for advanced users