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Tutorial about Adobe After Effects – How to add layers: AFTER EFFECTS LAYERS

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Trailer YEHT animated with After Effects and illustrated by Michael Alan Reed

Seek the truth to see the lies

Graphic Novel YEHT available in the USA / In Europe:

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Tutorial über Adobe After Effects – Mit Ebenen arbeiten: AFTER EFFECTS EBENEN

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Tax time…


TIP OF THE WEEK: How to make your own comic: Comic & Illustration

TIPP DER WOCHE: Zeichnen Sie ihren eigenen Comic: Comic & Illustration


Miriam Selmi Reed represented and licensed by Illustration Source / courtesy of Illustration source

Courtesy of Illustration source

View the artists’s homage on the topic TAX TIME

Miriam Selmi Reed is represented by Illustration Source, New York City. Portfolio and contact: Illustration Source NYC

Illustration technique: Traditional painting combined with digital mixed media using Smart Objects in Photoshop and Illustrator. Copyright by Illustration Source, New York City.

Illustrations-Technik: Acrylbild gemischt mit Illustrator und Photoshop sowie Smart-Objekten. Copyright by Illustration Source, New York City.


Your source for commissioned illustration: ORIGINAL ART STUDIOS in New York City.


Portfolio Original Art Studios, New York City: MIRIAM SELMI REED

How to make a Comic / Wie man einen Comic zeichnet

Tutorial in English / Deutsch:

1. Scan your drawing and place it into Illustrator / Scannen Sie Ihre Zeichnung und platzieren Sie diese in Illustrator

2. Trace the outlines of your drawing / Zeichnen Sie mit einer Konturfarbe Ihrer Zeichung nach

3. Fill in the shapes with a fill color / Füllen Sie die Konturen mit Flächenfarben

Development of Z-Dog - Copyright by Miriam Selmi Reed / All rights reserved

Development of Z-Dog – Copyright by Miriam Selmi Reed – All rights reserved


the new Z-DOG COMIC is now online at:
Copyright by Miriam Selmi Reed / All rights reserved




NEW Published Graphic Novel
Soul Crime of new York
Copyright by Round Robin editrice, Rome, Italy / All rights reserved.


INFO: to get serious about drawing in Illustrator, we highly suggest the following tutorials / Um wirklich in Illustrator zeichnen zu können, empfehlen wir die folgenden Übungen:

Tutorial 1 in English for beginners: How to draw in Illustrator

Tutorial 1 in Deutsch für Anfänger: Wie man mit Illustrator zeichnet


Tutorial 2 in English for advanced users: How to draw your own comic figure

Tutorial 2 in Deutsch für Fortgeschrittene: Wie man eine Comicfigur zeichnet


Don’t forget: “Practice makes Perfect!” / Nicht vergessen: “Übung macht den Meister!”