As instructors of Adobe programs and creative professionals, we’ve assembled this blog as easy reference for our students and clients.” Miriam Selmi Reed & Michael Alan Reed

English version:
Below is my personal way of cutting out an image with hard edges:
1. Open your image in Adobe Photoshop.
2. Duplicate your layer and select it.
3. Click TWICE on to the layer-mask icon so you will get a VECTOR MASK.
4. Select your Pen-Tool and follow the shape you would like to cut out.
5. Once you are done; click on the layer below and make it invisible.
6. To make alterations on your vector path, simply open the Properties or use the Direct-Selection-Tool to alter the vector points.

Another possible way to cut out an image using the Quick-Selection-Tool

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Illustration by Miriam Selmi Reed – Courtesy of Illustration Source NYC

Deutsche Version:
Oben zeige ich mein persönlicher Tipp wie ich Bilder mit harten Kanten freistelle:
1. Öffne dein Bild in Adobe Photoshop.
2. Dupliziere deine Ebene und wähle diese an.
3. Klicke ZWEIMAL auf das Ebenenmasken-Icon damit eine VEKTOR-MASKE entsteht.
4. Wähle dein Zeichenstift-Werkzeug und folge dem Objekt, welches du freistellen möchtest.
5. Wenn du fertig bist, mach die untere Ebene unsichtbar.
6. Um weitere Korrekturen vorzunehmen, öffne die Eigenschaften oder klicke mit dem Direkt-Auswahl-Werkzeug auf die Vektoren und verschiebe deren Position.

Ein anderer schneller Weg ein Bild freizustellen mit dem Schnell-Auswahl-Werkzeug

Tipp! Adobe Photoshop – Die komplette Übersetzung Englisch > Deutsch in Photoshop CC

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Courtesy of Illustration Source

View the artists’s homage on the topic: Finance and Debt

Miriam Selmi Reed is represented by Illustration Source, New York City. Portfolio and contact: Illustration Source NYC

Illustration technique: watercolor, acrylic and pencil combined with digital mixed media using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.Copyright by Illustration Source, New York City.

Illustrations-Technik: Aquarell, Acryl mit Farbstift, gemischt mit Adobe Photoshop und Illustrator. Copyright by Illustration Source, New York City.


Your source for commissioned illustration: ORIGINAL ART STUDIOS in New York City.


Portfolio Original Art Studios, New York City: MIRIAM SELMI REED


Drawing / Zeichnen “the easy way” !

Deutsche Version siehe unten!
Drawing is easy! I love drawing with the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, as shown in my Illustration below. I use a simple “click n’drag technique” which allows me to control each anchor point.
Step-by-step guide on how to “Draw-your-own-Comic” for advanced Adobe users: COMIC-DRAWING with Adobe Illustrator.
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Comic illustration by Miriam Selmi Reed for ZIGGY- books. All rights reserved.

Comic illustration by Miriam Selmi Reed for ZIGGY- books. All rights reserved.

Deutsche Version
Zeichnen ist super einfach! Ich zeichne mit dem Zeichenstift-Werkzeug in Adobe Illustrator mit meiner “klick-ziehen-Methode” um jeden Ankerpunkt zu kontrollieren, wie ich oben bei meiner Illustration zeige.
“Zeichne deinen eigenen Comic Workshop” – Für fortgeschrittene Adobe BenutzerInnen: COMIC-ZEICHNEN mit Adobe Illustrator.
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Run ZIGGY Run bilingual Comic for kids / zweisprachiger Comic für Kinder: ISBN 978-3-9524704-0-4
International store: RUN ZIGGY RUN International Store (6 Euro go to animal rescue / 6 Euro gehen in den Tierschutz)

Store in Germany: HUGENDUBEL Deutschland (2 Euro per book sale go to animal rescue / 2 Euro pro Buchverkauf gehen in den Tierschutz)

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Featured artist at Illustration Source, New York City


Tutorial / Anleitung: How to draw with Illustrator CC / Wie man mit Illustrator CC zeichnet


Copyright by SIS New York City - Courtesy of Illustration Source, NYC

Copyright by SIS New York City – Courtesy of Illustration Source, NYC

Miriam Selmi Reed is represented by Illustration Source, New York City. Portfolio and contact: Featured Artist Miriam Selmi Reed

Licensed Illustrations at Illustration Source, New York City: DATA SECURITY

Miriam worked in Zurich as a designer/illustrator in both full-time and freelance positions for advertising agencies such as Wirz BBDO and McCann Erickson. After that, she came to the United States to work for Disney on the new Disneyland Tokyo theme park designs. Miriam then went on to work with Cinesite/Kodak, the Hollywood special effects company, as staff illustrator/concept artist for various feature film projects.

Illustration Source provides you with speed and convenience. Their website design and simple pricing allows you more time to work on your project and less time searching for images and decoding costs.

The artists represented by Illustration Source are some of the best illustrators working today.


Tutorial / Anleitung: How to use transparent layers in Photoshop / Wie man mit transparenten Ebenen in Photoshop arbeitet


New tracing tools in Illustrator CC / Neue Zeichnungswerkzeuge in Illustrator CC

Info in English and German – Info in Deutsch und Englisch

New tracing tools in Illustrator CC! Are you having issues using the Pen tool to create round corners? Updating to the Adobe Creative Cloud might be your answer!
Neue Zeichnungswerkzeuge in Illustrator CC! Haben sie Schwierigkeiten mit der “Feder”, dem Zeichnungsstiftwerkzeug um Rundungen zu zeichnen? Ein Update zur Adobe Creative Cloud könnte ihre Antwort sein!


1. Live corners: simply draw a star, select the Direct-Selection-Tool, click’n’drag on the “little dot” below your anchor point and then the corner can be rounded. If you are double-clicking the “little dot”, you’re able to change the radius as you wish!
1. Interaktive Ecken: zeichnen sie einen Stern. Klicken sie mit dem Direktauswahl-Werkzeug auf den “kleinen Punkt” direkt unter dem Ankerpunkt und ziehen daran: ihr Eckpunkt wird rund! Wenn Sie kurz Doppelklicken, können sie den Radius nach Wunsch verändern.

2. All-new Pencil Tool: In previous Illustrator versions it was only possible to draw open lines with the Pencil tool and they were not very accurate. Now you can adjust the “Smoothness” to be more accurate, continuous and even draw closed shapes.
2. Neues Bunstift-Werkzeug: In früheren Illustrator Versionen war es nur möglich gerade offene Linien mit dem Buntstift zu zeichnen und dies gar nicht präzise! Jetzt können Sie die Qualität selber einstellen, ähnlich zeichnen wie mit dem Zeichenstift-Werkzeug und zu geschlossenen Formen abschliessen.

3. Path Segment Reshape: Remember how hard it was to make rounded shapes? The new Anchor Point Tool might be your answer. Simply drag the straight line with it and reshape as needed!
3. Form für Pfadsegment ändern: Mit dem neuen Ankerpunkt-Werkzeug ist es ein Kinderspiel gerade Linien abzurunden. Klicken sie auf die gerade Linie und runden sie diese nach Wunsch ab!



Draw your own cartoon character in Illustrator / Eine eigene Comicfigur in Illustrator zeichnen

Tutorial in English and German – Anleitung in Deutsch und Englisch

1. Scan your image and place it in Adobe Illustrator – FILE > PLACE.
Scannen Sie ihre Bildvorlage und platzieren Sie es in Adobe Illustrator – DATEI > PLATZIEREN.

2. Go to WINDOW > LAYERS and add a layer on top to trace your image using the Pen Tool.
Unter FENSTER > EBENEN erstellen Sie eine neue Ebene und zeichnen mit dem Zeichenstiftwerkzeug den Linien nach.


3. Go to WINDOW > SWATCHES and select your lines to fill them with color.
Unter FENSTER > FARBFELDER und wählen sie ihre Konturen und füllen diese mit Farbe.


Tutorial for beginners: How to draw in Adobe Illustrator
Übung für Anfänger: Wie man mit Illustrator zeichnet

How to draw in Illustrator

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Adobe Illustrator is primarily a vector based design tool to draw clean shapes and to create resizable Logos. Whereas Photoshop is raster based and therefore pixel dependent, Illustrator is using vector shapes made out of anchor points.

Therefore the Pen Tool in Illustrator is ideal to draw paths with anchor points:
With a simple mouse CLICK, you are setting corner anchor-points. If you are clicking AND dragging with the mouse at the same time, you’ll get round anchor-points with levers, with those are round corner points and curves possible.

The Pen Tool is ideal to draw closed shapes. It’s easy! Draw your shape while setting your points until you reach the first anchor-point again; select it to close the shape and choose a fill color.


Video Tutorial for beginners:

The Pencil Tool draws lines which you can combine with the Width Tool.
To open the options for the Pencil Tool: Double click the Pencil Tool icon in the tool sidebar. The same way you may open the Brush options if needed.

The Pencil Tool is ideal to draw lines. If you do need to close the open path into a shape;
you either have to select both end-points and go under Menu > Object > Path > Join or use the shortcut ctrl+J for PC / command+J for Mac.


Video Tutorial for beginners:

The Width Tool in Adobe Illustrator CS6 is ideal to give your line a Brush stroke character: select the line and drag with the mouse until the line becomes wider.


The Pen Tool and Pencil Tool are both ideal to draw clean shapes and lines. The Width Tool can help to simulate a brush line. Although to achieve structures and water color effects; the Brush Tool would be a better choice!

The Brush Tool and its options are easily to find under Menu > Window > Brushes.
On the bottom of the Brush-Option, you may find the icon for the Adobe Brush Library with all kinds of artistic brushes.


How to create your own Brushes or alter existing Brushes in the Adobe Library, will be shown in a future tutorial.
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Additional tutorials for advanced users:
Drawing in Illustrator for advanced users